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Who Gets a Tip on Your Wedding Day?

033015-tipping-01It’s standard to tip for good service, whether you’re eating out, getting a haircut, or hailing a cab.

But which wedding vendors get tips on your wedding day? Follow these guidelines from the Emily Post Institute for wedding day tipping. (And don’t forget to account for tips in your budget!)

Emily Post suggests planning a tip for:

Attendants: If you’ve got valet parking, coat check, and power room attendants, plan to tip these people for their work, usually 50 cents to $1 per guest.

Drivers: Limousine and delivery truck drivers should also receive a tip. For your limousine driver, you can request that the tip be included in the bill.

Wait staff and bartenders: Unless it’s already included in your bill, the people who serve your dinner and drinks should receive a tip. Check with your caterer or the reception facility to see when they’d like tips to be paid – or if it’s included in the bill.

When should tips be paid?

Figure out your tip amounts beforehand and put them in envelopes to be handed out at the end of the reception. Put the best man, maid of honor, or parent in charge of making the sure the tips are handed out.

If you’ve planned to pay tips for attendants, bartenders, wait staff and others, make sure there are no tip jars on the bar, in bathrooms, at the coat check, or in other places guests might feel obligated to leave a tip.

Who should not be tipped?

Unless they go above and beyond the call of duty, your other vendors – photographers, florists, consultant, etc. – don’t need to be tipped. But, if you feel a vendor has exceeded your expectations, by all means, give them a tip along with a thank you note.