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Finding Your Bridal Style: How to Pick a Veil

090213-weddingveils-02Most brides will tell you they didn’t truly feel like a bride until they put on their veil. Whether you choose a short birdcage veil or a long chapel-length veil, your veil is the final touch on your wedding day look. Which veil is right for you? Consider the formality of your wedding and the style of your dress when you choose a veil.

Here are the most common types of veil:

  • Birdcage: This short veil is a form fitting piece of netting that fits close to your face and falls just above your nose. You’ll see this style at many vintage weddings.
  • Blusher: A short, flirty style, blusher veils are informal and look great with shorter dresses.
  • Mantilla: A length that complements longer gowns, Mantilla veils are about elbow length.
  • Fingertip: You guessed it: This type of veil extends to the fingertips. It’s a versatile length that looks good with several types of wedding gown.
  • Ballet: Ballet veils reach between the knee and the ankle. Wearing a column or sheath gown? This length might be for you.
  • Chapel: The longer a veil is, the more formal the wedding. Chapel veils extend about 90 inches, about the same length as your train.
  • Cathedral: For ultra-formal weddings, wear a cathedral-length veil that extends 108-120 inches, longer than the train of your gown.

090213-weddingveils-01You can personalize your veil in several ways. Some veils are made with decorative edging or small rhinestones. Or, you can attach it to your hairstyle with a comb, pin, or tiara. When you get to the reception, remove the veil and let the hair embellishment shine.

Be sure to try your veil and gown on together – not all veils work with all gown styles, and you don’t want to diminish the beauty of your gown with the wrong type of veil.