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What’s a Groom’s Cake – and Do We Have to Have One?

Photo by Jill Christine Design & Photography. See more from this wedding.

Have you ever attended a wedding where two cakes were served?

Chances are good that the second cake was a groom’s cake, made in honor of the groom. It is a tradition that dates back to Victorian times in Britain when the typical wedding favor was a slice of cake. This cake was often a dark fruitcake, which makes the tradition a little less messy: Single female guests took their piece of cake home and slept with it under their pillow. They hoped to dream of their future husband. This gave the second cake at a wedding the name “groom’s cake.”

Serving a groom’s cake isn’t a widespread tradition, but you’ll find it at some weddings in the South. If you want to serve a groom’s cake but don’t want to do it at the wedding, consider serving it at your rehearsal dinner or post-wedding luncheon.

Photo by Forever Yesterday Photography. See more from this wedding.

What does a groom’s cake look like? Traditionally, groom’s cakes were fruitcake or flavored with chocolate or alcohol. Today, groom’s cakes are as varied as the grooms themselves. Use what you know about the groom to plan what his groom’s cake would look like:

  • Hobbies and interests
  • Favorite flavors and foods
  • Favorite teams
  • Favorite books, movies, or music

You’ll find a lot of inspiration online (check out our Groom’s Cake board on Pinterest) and by talking with your baker.

TELL US: Will you serve a groom’s cake? What will it look like?