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What will Mom wear?

051214-momattire-01You celebrated Mom yesterday – but have you gone dress shopping with her yet?

A few etiquette rules govern the outfits the mothers of the bride and groom wear, but it’s most important that she feel comfortable and pretty. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Mom’s dress should match the formality of your wedding. A long formal gown is out of place at a casual daytime wedding. For very formal weddings, Mom can also wear a hat or some other kind of headpiece, like a fascinator, if she’d like. According to etiquette guru Emily Post, long skirts and dresses are considered appropriate for any wedding starting after noon.
  • The mothers should never wear white, cream, or ivory – it’s perceived as trying to compete with the bride. It’s also best to stay away from the same color the bridesmaids are wearing. You want Mom to stand out, not blend in. If she really likes the color the bridesmaids are wearing, find a dress in a lighter or darker shade of the same color family.
  • Traditionally, the mother of the bride buys her dress first and lets the mother of the groom know what she has chosen. Then, the mother of the groom buys a dress at the same level of formality. It’s best if the moms wear different colors.

TELL US: What is your mom wearing to your wedding?