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What type of wedding planner do you need?

Like the brides who hire them, all wedding consultants are different. From full-service planning and design to a la carte service, wedding planners can serve a variety of roles for their clients. Which type of wedding planner is right for you? Check out these four types of planners you’ll find working in Southern Maryland.

Full Service

If you’re planning an elaborate wedding or just don’t have time to get involved in all the details, you need a full-service wedding planner. This professional can take care of every aspect of your wedding, from design to execution. She will manage all the details and handle all the vendors. Your role? Provide her with your vision and style ideas for the big day. A full-service planner will do the rest.


Some couples want to be involved in planning their wedding but have questions or want guidance along the way. They need a consultant who serves more like a coach to help them through the process. This planner makes vendor recommendations and gives you advice and tips along the way, but the final decisions are up to you. She can attend vendor meetings with you – or not. It’s up to you! The coach’s role is to help you make your wedding dreams a reality, not do it for you.

A La Carte

Are you OK planning some aspects of your wedding but want help with others? Find a consultant who offers her services a la carte. You contact her when you need help, and she’ll either guide you through that part of the process or take care of it for you – you decide! You’ll be charged a flat fee or by the hour for a la carte consultant services.

Day Of

Hiring a day-of wedding coordinator can help take the stress off you – as well as off your family and close friends. A day-of coordinator typically gets involved a month or a few weeks before your wedding, and she makes sure everything runs smoothly in the days leading up to your wedding. On your wedding day, she’ll handle the logistics, including working with vendors during set up and clean up.

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