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Welcome Basket Essentials

Love Bird Tree Personalized Tote Bag

If your guests are traveling to your wedding, it’s nice to leave a surprise waiting for them in their hotel rooms. Whether you drop them off personally or ask hotel staff to leave them in rooms for you, a welcome basket previews your big day and lets guests know you’re glad they came.

Keep It Local

If your guests will have a day or two to hang out, give them a taste of the local area. Include local delicacies, wine, or beer, and if you can afford it, tickets or passes for local attractions or events. Movie theater gift certificates are a great way to help guests pass the time, too! Don’t forget to include a map and some suggestions for things to do, and if there are wedding-related events that guests are invited to, be sure to include an itinerary with dates, locations, and times – plus a way to contact someone if they have questions.

Food and Drink

Whether they’ve driven or flown, guests will appreciate a cool drink and snacks when they get to their destination. We love personalized water bottles and chocolate bars, or you can include local favorites or nostalgic treats from your childhood.

Contemporary Hearts Personalized Water Bottle Labels

Reusable Packaging

Package your welcome treats in a reusable tote bag or basket. Something customized helps set the tone for your wedding weekend, and guests can reuse the bag when they shop or head out for the day. Miniature picnic baskets or pails can become useful home décor items when your wedding is over.

Destination Ditties

For destination weddings, give your guests the things they’ll need for a day at the beach: Sunscreen, towels, or beach hats. Don’t forget to tell them the best spots on the beach for sunning, swimming, or surfing. Add a fun luggage tag to decorate their bags for the trip home.

Budget Ideas

You don’t have to spend a lot to make a big impression. If money is tight, a little bag with bottled water and homemade treats is enough to let guests know you’re glad they came. And, no matter what you give, don’t forget a thank you note!