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Wedding Trends for the Groom

061713-groomtrendsThe bride usually gets top billing at the wedding, sometimes leaving the groom overlooked. Here are five current wedding trends that are all about the man of the hour.

His favorite drink. Whether he loves bourbon, whiskey, scotch, or beer, more and more grooms are setting up a separate bar area dedicated to their favorite libation. It’s perfect for sampling the groom’s favorite brands – or perhaps something special he made himself just for the occasion.

Tuxedo optional. Don’t limit your guy to the traditional black rental tux. Go for a custom tailored suit that looks as crisp as anything rented. Think beyond black and navy, too. If he’s into a brighter color (or pinstripes!), go for it! Just make sure it coordinates with your maids’ dresses and the overall look and feel of your wedding.

Fun socks. Now you see them, now you don’t: socks in bold colors and patterns are an easy way to let the groom show a little personality even if he has to dress more conservatively. Just make sure your photographer knows; you’re going to want a picture of them. For even more fun, get the groomsmen in on the act!

The new black. If dark colors aren’t your thing, but you want something more subtle than a brightly colored suit, opt for gray. Classic and chic, gray complements pink and purple well and adds just a little touch of glamour to your guy’s attire.

Casual food … from a truck. Food trucks are huge – they’re the center of festivals and are on every street corner at lunch time in the city. We’ve even seen an reality TV show about food trucks. This trend is coming to weddings as a way to add a relaxed feeling to a formal wedding or a fun food alternative for casual affairs. Dinner, dessert, drinks – you name it, you can probably find a food truck that makes it.