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Wedding Planning Resolutions for 2018

122815-resolutions-01Newly engaged – or getting engaged soon? Congratulations on your engagement! If you’re just starting the planning process, you’ll find that it is exciting, fun, frustrating — and a full-time job. Consider these wedding planning resolutions when you make your personal resolutions for the new year.

Take a break once in a while

Planning your wedding should be fun, but if it’s stressing you out or affecting your relationship in a negative way, it’s time to take a step back. Go on a date with your sweetheart and resolve to NOT talk about the wedding. Hang out with your friends, but keep wedding chatter at a minimum. Spend time doing something that relaxes you — reading, exercising, a favorite hobby, etc. You’ll reconnect with those you love and come back to your planning with new energy and fresh enthusiasm.

Decide what matters most

What elements of your wedding day are most important to you? Spend money where it matters most, whether that is photography, your gown, or the perfect location. If it’s having all of your friends and family around, be prepared to simplify your plans so you can afford a large guest list. Talk with your fiancé about his dreams, too, and plan a wedding day that includes elements that are important to you both.

Delegate, delegate, delegate

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your fiancé(e), family, bridal party, or friends. Wedding planning is a big job, and you don’t have to do it alone! Ask your fiancé to take charge of something, like finding the DJ or photographer, and enlist the women in your life for decorating or flower ideas. If it all gets to be too much for you, consider hiring a wedding planner. These wedding professionals can help you through the process, minimize headaches, and keep you on schedule. (And, save you money!)

Be nice to your attendants

Remember that your attendants are your friends, not your slaves. Don’t take the fun out of being a bridesmaid by expecting them to be at your beck and call the entire time you’re planning your wedding. Get-togethers to assemble favors, look at dresses, or prepare invitations should be fun girls’ nights together with wine and gossip, not obligatory events that take up every weekend of your girls’ lives. Go easy on them when it comes to choosing a dress, too. Ask for input, and take individual figures, skin tones, and budgets into account. Let your attendants feel beautiful on your wedding day, too!

Involve your families

Unless relationships are strained, weddings are a fun time to involve your families and help them get to know each other. You’ll foster family unity, discover hidden talents, and have some fun along the way.

Accept mistakes

This resolution is one you’ll need to remember on your wedding day. No matter how meticulously you’ve planned your day, something is bound to go less-than-perfect. Be OK with this, and expect it to happen.


When wedding planning starts to get to you, take a moment to breathe and refocus. Keep your eyes on the prize, and remember why you’re planning this big day!

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