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Unity candle twist

Sometimes it’s the small details that make a wedding memorable. My husband and I are ballroom dancers, so instead of numbering the tables at our reception, we named them by dances – waltz, cha cha, swing, etc. Little details become especially important when you’re planning a wedding around a theme. If your wedding has a beach or water theme, our sister site, BeachThemeWeddingShop.com, has a great alternative to the traditional unity candle: Sand Ceremony Sets!

Here’s the idea: instead of lighting a central candle from two smaller ones to signify your union, you set your table with an empty large glass cylinder and two (or more) smaller ones filled with colored sand. You and your spouse-to-be fill the large glass with your sands, combining your different colors to make something beautiful. You can get a variety of colors to match your wedding, and in some sets, the large glass cylinder is large enough for a tea light on top of your sand. What a lovely keepsake for your home!

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