Tuxedo Trends

tuxedoTuxedo Trends

When it comes to choosing clothing for a wedding the vast majority of the attention goes toward the bridal dress, but while less talked about, the groom’s tuxedo is still very important.  Just like all clothing types, there are many tuxedo trends, which change over time.  If you look at wedding photographs from years ago, for example, you’ll notice that virtually every tux was solid black with a black vest.  Today, however, there are grooms wearing different colors and shades.

While some grooms will wear virtually any color, some of the most popular options today include tans, light grays and charcoal which is one of the most popular colors.  Whether wearing a traditional black tuxedo or one of another shade, it can be combined with a vest that is a different color.  Even some bold colors, which are chosen to compliment the wedding theme, are very popular.  Most people agree that this is a very nice looking trend which is much more attractive than the boring blacks and whites of the past.

tuxedo2Not just Color

While the color of the tux is something that will stand out first, there are other things to take into account as well.  First, since so many marriages are occurring outside, which can be hot and stuffy in Southern Maryland’s summer months, the material of the tux is of great concern to many grooms.  There are many materials, which you can choose from that are lighter weight and still look great.  The super 100’s, which is a specific weight of the suit, can assist in keeping the groom nice and cool through the ceremony and reception while still having the great look of a tuxedo.

During the reception most men will take off the jacket and enjoy the party with their friends and family.  In the past that left them wearing just a shirt and vest with either a black or white polyester backing.  Today, however, the vests are now offered in a variety of fabric styles and colors that will keep the groom and his groomsmen looking great even with their jackets off.  This is important because of the fact that so many wedding pictures and videos are taken at the reception, and you always want to look your best throughout the entire event.

tuxedo1Choosing Your Tuxedo

No matter what color or material you want to use for your tuxedo, it is important to choose one that has the right fit and style for you.  There are many designer lines available today including Jean Yves, Joseph Abbud, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Perry Ellis.  With all these great names making very comfortable and stylish tuxedos, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the perfect one.

Take your time and look at all the options you have available to you.  With such flexibility in the different options for today’s tuxedo trends there is no reason why you can’t look your best and still be very comfortable throughout the wedding.  Having a great looking and comfortable tux will help you relax and enjoy the ceremony, and of course the reception afterward.

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