Tomato scare

Are tomatoes on your wedding menu? You’ve probably seen the news reports: the FDA is warning that some Roma, plum and round, red tomatoes have been found to be tainted with salmonella, and many grocery stores and restaurants are removing tomatoes from their shelves and menus. If tomatoes are part of your wedding feast, what should you do?

First, don’t panic. Your caterer is probably already on it. Tomatoes from several states (including Florida, which is the No. 1 tomato grower in the country) have been cleared by the FDA. (See the whole list.) And, grape, cherry, and tomatoes sold on the vine are not affected by this warning. If you’re really concerned, it wouldn’t hurt to check in with your caterer and find out where they get their tomatoes from and how they’re handling this situation. Encourage them to buy local — Maryland tomatoes are on the FDA’s OK list! (Plus, you could actually talk to the grower about their produce and how it’s grown.)

Find some good, basic information about salmonella and this warning specifically at the Washington Post’s Mighty Appetite blog (one of my favorites!).

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