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This wedding brought to you by …

Would you take on sponsors to help offset the cost of your wedding? You don’t have to go all Star Jones on your day — getting corporate sponsors for everything and turning the day into a spectacle — but a little creativity might help you with a tight budget.

Take bride-to-be Kelly Gray of Virginia Beach. She and her bridesmaids saw all the odd things for sale on EBay and thought, “Why not a bridesmaid?” They put the listing up at a penny, promising attire for the winner, and kept their expectations low. When the bidding closed — at $5,700 — a bidder named “drpeppersnapple” had won.

That’s right — Dr. Pepper soda will be Gray’s bridesmaid.

Actually, the company will provide beverages for the wedding and choose someone to be her bridesmaid. (Gray and her bridesmaids are hoping for Ellen Degeneres.) They’ve also donated $10,000 toward the cause.

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