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Spruce Up Your Ceremony

By Heather Miller of Hitched by Heather

Against popular belief, the most important part of a wedding is NOT the reception. Without a ceremony, there would be no cocktail hour, reception, after party, or a Mr.  & Mrs. Since most of the time is spent at the reception with the fancy food, pretty linens and gorgeous décor, we quickly forget the ceremony. I want to make sure that your time at the alter stands out even with your jaw dropping centerpieces.

1. If your ceremony is held outside, people will tend to arrive early to see the sites. One thing to make these early arrivers feel even more special is to have some beverages and one small hors d’oeuvres passed until you start.

Megan Reeves

2. Trying to set up seating where everyone has a perfect view is a difficult feat, especially with a church location. But setting up at a more unique site will allow for you to put chairs in a circle shape so everyone can see everything!

Hitched Ceremony Seating

3. Dressing up the back of the chairs or pews only will wow guests as they enter. Don’t worry about putting a sash, ribbon or floral décor on every chair to help with costs. The last row is what they see as they are walking in, then all eyes are on you!

Hitched Ceremony Chair Decor

4. Nothing screams romance like candles. If your site is lacking light or that romantic feel you like, line the isle with tons of candles. You can’t go wrong!

Hitched ceremony candles

5. Using different types of vases to hang your floral pieces will add extra personal touches and give guests a peak into what your reception will entail!

Hitched Teacup ceremony

6. Personalize, Personalize, PERSONALIZE! Yes, even I appreciate the classic traditional vows, but there is something about making the ceremony unique to you and your new spouse that adds that extra awe feeling!  Your own vows or a love letter ceremony can help with sealing your love for each other.

Hitched box ceremony

7. Canon in D is stunning, but the first song you ever danced to or shared your first kiss with will make the moment even more special.

Hitched my sweetheart

8. Who says you have to hand out favors starting at the ceremony? Handing out personalized handkerchiefs will help dry up those tears of joy!


9. As you know, my obsession is weddings, but nautical weddings make me squeal like a kid in Disney Land! For all of you nautical brides out there, “tying the knot” is another beautiful way to pull your theme into the ceremony!

Hitched tie the knot

10. You want your wedding outdoors, but you want that big reveal of opening doors for your groom. Easy! Rent or make these French doors!

Hitched ceremony doors

Happy planning!