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Sip Summer Sangria at Your Wedding

Would it surprise you if we told you we like wine? And this time of year, we like a little fruit in our wine, especially since you can get so many kinds of fresh, local fruit at the farmer’s market.

So we think sangria is the perfect signature drink for your wedding. It’s easy, delicious, and totally customizable: Just pick your favorite wine and fruits you love or what’s in season, and cheers! (Plus, it’s easy to make sangria in large quantities.)

Not sure where to start? Here are three sangria recipes we’d like to try.

Melon Sangria

Made with sweet Moscato wine and the best fresh melons, this sangria screams summer to us.


Photo via Laylita’s Recipes

Red, White, and Blue Sangria

You don’t have to marry on July Fourth to serve this festive drink, made with berries and star-shaped pineapple.


Photo via Imagine Design Blog

The Best Sangria

GimmeSomeOven claims this is the best sangria ever, and we’re not ones to argue. This is a classic red wine sangria with citrus and one surprise ingredient …


Photo via GimmeSomeOven