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Signature Drink: Color-Changing Martini

If you’re planning a Halloween wedding, you shouldn’t serve just any signature drink. We saw the Color-Changing Martini on Pinterest last week, and we instantly thought Halloween wedding!

The fog rolling off this martini is spooky, and the way the drink changes color as it cools will wow your guests. You’ll have to think outside the box for some of the ingredients, but we think the effort will be well worth it when you see the looks on your guests’ faces.

Instructions for a Color-Changing Martini from Instructables.com. And don’t forget to follow Southern Maryland Weddings on Pinterest!

Photo via Instructables.com.

Photo via Instructables.com.

You need:

Gin or Vodka
Dry Ice
Baking Soda
Red Cabbage

Step 1
Chop up a cabbage leaf, put it in a bowl with some water, and microwave until it’s boiling. Or, put the chopped cabbage into a bowl with boiling water and allow it to steep. (Why red cabbage? Get the science here.)

Step 2
Add 1T of the cabbage water to a martini glass. Then add a very small amount of baking soda to the glass — just enough to turn it blue.

Step 3
Add 6 parts gin or vodka and 1 part vermouth to the glass. You’ll get a pale blue liquid.

Step 4
Give the drink to your guest, and add a chunk of dry ice. It will sink to the bottom and bubble. As it neutralizes the baking soda, the color of the drink will change from blue to fuchsia pink.

Wait for the dry ice to disappear before drinking. Tastes like a dirty martini.