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Shower Week Day 3: The “Man Shower”

Sorry, girls. This isn’t a shower where the favors are men. Nope, it’s a shower for the groom. As women have added bachelorette parties to their calendar of pre-wedding events, so some men have added the man shower to their list of parties with the groom.

So, what happens at a man shower? Anything goes — though guys are quick to point out they’re not a substitute for a bachelor party. Maybe a warm-up, but not a substitute. Food, drinks, party games and video games are common. As are gifts. For every guy who wants to register for tools, there’s a bride who is less than enthused about the idea.

Some wedding experts theorize that the popularity of the man shower is all part of the groom’s changing role in wedding planning — he’s more involved than ever in the details of the big day. And families are finding such a gathering is a nice way for the groom’s friends and family to get together and bond and celebrate, often planning their party for the same time as the bride’s shower.

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