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Shower Week Day 1: Etiquette

There’s etiquette for everything involving weddings, isn’t there? Showers are no different. Here are some quick do’s and don’t’s:

  • Don’t throw your own shower — it looks like a gift grab. Showers are traditionally hosted by the maid/matron of honor. If you want to host a shower for someone, make sure the maid/matron of honor isn’t already planning something.
  • Everyone invited to the shower should also be invited to the wedding. (You don’t have to invite every woman invited to the wedding to the shower, though.) The exception here is office showers. If someone at your office throws you a shower, you’re not obligated to invite everyone.
  • If you’re the shower planner, do include both moms and all of the members of the bridal party in the planning. This is an exciting time for them, too. (Plus, you’ll appreciate the help!)
  • Do send thank you notes as soon as you can! You’ll have lots to send after the wedding, too, so you’ll be glad you finished the shower thank yous in advance.

Here are some tips for writing shower invitations.

Wednesday: Planning ideas.

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