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Should You DIY Your Honeymoon?

DIYHoneymoonShould I DIY my honeymoon?

You’ve been so crafty pulling together all the little details of your wedding, making your centerpieces exactly like the ones you fell in love with on Pinterest, spending hours perfecting those beautiful handmade invitations, you’ve got this wedding stuff covered.  But what about your honeymoon? It has to be easy to just do that yourself too…isn’t it? There are lots of online sites out there telling you all you need to do is point and click here and you’ve got the trip of your dreams.  You’ve read through hundreds of reviews (some that are so different you wonder if they’re even talking about the same resort), looked at an endless number of photos and of course, ALL your friends have given you “advice” and suggestions. Now you’re totally overwhelmed and confused, and in the end how do you REALLY know what’s the right choice?

Think about it, your honeymoon is a once in a lifetime experience, do yourself a favor and don’t leave it to chance!  Finding a great travel agent that focuses on honeymoons and “romance travel” is definitely your best bet.

Let’s cover a few of the reasons why booking your honeymoon with an experienced honeymoon agent is really the best way to go…

SPECIALIZATION.  Just like any other profession, travel agents are not all created equal.  There are many who may book all kinds of trips, but don’t really “know” the intricacies and needs of the honeymoon market.  Agents who specialize in honeymoons are extremely familiar with the resorts that cater to newlywed couples and the special amenities and perks that may be available to them.  They know how to create that romantic experience that you’re seeking in your trip and suggest creative ideas and options that you may not even know existed!

CONNECTIONS: An experienced honeymoon agent is  one who travels frequently to the resorts and destinations that couples want to go to. They have that firsthand knowledge of the resort layout, the best rooms, pools, activities, restaurants and other important details to help their clients choose the right location for them.  Visiting the properties also allows them to form a strong relationship with on-property management, which is invaluable if an issue arises or you have those “special VIP requests”. You know the old adage….it’s “who you know”, and often times who we know can make all the difference.

PRICING: That price you see on that well-known travel website has to be the best out there, right?  Wrong! Agents work with large travel suppliers who negotiate pricing and perks that may not available to the general public.  Many times they can also book your entire package for just a small deposit, then you can make payments that fit your budget up until shortly before you leave for your trip.  And they’re able to match pricing of those online sites too! It’s a great way to painlessly fit your honeymoon cost into your overall wedding budget.

CONVENIENCE: You’re planning a wedding, probably working a full time job and possibly even attending school at the same time.  Can you say overload!?  Why add to your already hectic schedule when one call to a honeymoon specialist will take care of everything!  Let a professional who books honeymoons every day do the work for you.

And the best part you ask?  It costs you absolutely nothing extra.  Nada, zilch, zip.  It will usually even save you money, not to mention saving time, frustration and uncertainty in the planning and booking process.  And we’re there for you every step of the way, from the initial planning all the way until you return home from your dream honeymoon.

So are you ready to start planning YOUR perfect honeymoon getaway?

Honeymoon  & Destination Wedding specialist Tracy Dennis is the owner of Four Seasons Travel LLC, located in Mechanicsville, Maryland.  Her agency has been awarded as a Sandals “Best of the Best” agency 3 years in a row, and she’s a Sandals Chairman’s Royal Club agent (an elite group of top Sandals agents, less than 90 worldwide).  If you’re planning a honeymoon, give her a call at 301.884.6041 or visit her online at www.fourseasonstraveltime.net.