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Should I serve a groom’s cake?

Photo via bridalguide.com

Groom’s cakes began in Victorian times, a dark fruitcake served alongside the “bride’s cake” – the precursor to today’s wedding cakes.

Here in the United States, groom’s cakes are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the South where the tradition has endured for years. Often chocolate or liquor soaked, groom’s cakes are a gift from the bride to her groom – and totally optional. Whether you do one is up to you!

When should a groom’s cake be served? That’s up to you, too. Some couples serve a groom’s cake as dessert at the rehearsal dinner. Others serve it as an alternative to the wedding cake at their reception. Or, box it up and send it home with your guests as favors. In fact, legend says that if a single woman sleeps with a slice of groom’s cake under her pillow, she’ll dream of her future husband!

No matter when you serve a groom’s cake, they’re a fun way to honor the groom on a day that seems to be all about the bride. What should your groom’s cake look like? Take inspiration from these ideas:

  • His favorite flavors
  • Sport or sports team
  • Hobby
  • City or destination
  • A beloved pet
  • Food or candy
  • Movie
  • Military service
  • Cars and boats
  • Apps or games
  • Technology
  • Pop culture