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Shopping Antique for Your Vintage Wedding

093013-antiqueshoppingVintage weddings are chic, and no matter what era you’re emulating, it’s fun to accent your theme with period furniture, accessories, and books. If you’ve never shopped for antiques before, here are some tips to remember as you browse.

Look Everywhere

Before you go, make a map of the antique stores, vintage stores, and thrift stores in your area. Check local calendars for estate sales, too. It’s good to have a plan before you go so you’re not wasting time (and gas) aimlessly driving around. Make a day of it with your bridesmaids or groom.

Know What You Need …

… but keep an open mind. Have a list of the kinds of furniture or other décor items you’d like, but allow room to be surprised and inspired by what you find. Also: Can the items you’re buying be used in your new home, or will they just take up space in your attic? Find items that can have a second life after your wedding day.

Ask Lots of Questions

How do you know if an item is worth the money? Ask the shop owner lots of questions, and before you go, do a little research on the kinds of items you’d like to buy so you have an idea of what something should cost.

Be Consistent

A well-designed vintage wedding follows one era or theme rather than using items from a variety of times and looks. Everything doesn’t have to match – in fact, it’s more interesting if it doesn’t – but they should be consistent along a certain era or theme.