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Scare Week: Coping with Disaster

It’s true: no matter how meticulously you plan your day, there’s a pretty good chance something will go wrong. It’s not always something huge, like the cake falling over. In my case, it turned out that the DJ didn’t have the song I wanted for my father-daughter dance. I was disappointed, but I went with my second choice and still had a lovely dance with my dad.

Are you ready for the unexpected? TV personality Dr. Phil encourages brides to shift their focus to their marriage rather than their wedding day. Over at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, wedding planners share creative ways to cope with surprises. The Wedding Wizards offer advice for protecting your gifts from theft and preventing fires. And WeddingChannel.com has solutions for common problems like reluctant flower girls, spills on your wedding gown and forgotten rings.

The universal advice seems to be this: keep your sense of humor!

Coming Friday: Wedding insurance.

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