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Say “I Do” to YouTube

Man, I wish YouTube had been around when I got married in 2003. I wanted to do a lot of things for my wedding day myself – like flowers and centerpieces – but I didn’t know where to start. (And I have zero skill when it comes to arranging flowers. I’ve tried.) I also didn’t know how I wanted my hair and make up to look, and I spent a lot of time paging through bridal magazines and bugging my hairdresser. (Another area where my skills are sorely lacking.)

Now, just enter “weddings” into the search on YouTube, and you get about 191,000 results. A little daunting, I know. That’s why we’ve helped narrow the search for you. A new button on the SoMdWeddings.com homepage brings you to a series of wedding-related how-to videos by ExpertVillage.com, a site that bills itself as the world’s largest how-to video site. Click the “menu” button below the video screen to see videos on how to apply blush, choose the right makeup colors, arrange a hand-tied bouquet and more. Have fun!

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