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Say Cheers to a Signature Drink at Your Wedding

Want to simplify your wedding bar and serve guests something unique? Create a signature drink (or two!) for your wedding!

A signature drink is a unique concoction created for a person or establishment (lots of bars have them). The ingredients and appearance of the drink often represent that person or place. The drink can also go with your wedding theme or colors. Most couples choose two drinks, one for each of you.

Signature drinks have been popular at weddings for many years now, and there are good reasons why. First, opting for one or two signature drinks over an open bar can save you a lot of money. Open bars are expensive, and narrowing your drink choices to wine, beer, and your signature cocktails can save you some cash.

Couples are also seeking ways to personalize their wedding day, and unique drinks are just one more way you can put an individual stamp on your wedding.

Deciding to serve a signature drink is the easy part. How do you create one? Here are some tips.

What’s your go-to? When you’re out on a Friday night, what is your drink of choice? There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel. Serve your favorite cocktail as your signature drink. Add a unique garnish or flavoring to give it a twist. Give it a clever name, and presto! You have a signature drink.

Go down memory lane. What did you drink on your first date? What beverages did you have on favorite vacations? Is there a drink that symbolizes a milestone in your relationship? Be sure to explain the significance of the drink to your guests; they’ll love the meaning behind your beverage.

Work with your theme. If you’re planning a theme wedding, let the theme help you choose your signature drinks – and then give the drink a personalized twist with garnishes, unique flavorings, or glassware.

Ask your bartender! A good bartender can help you come up with a personalized concoction. They’ll ask about your favorite drinks and the kinds of beverages you like and don’t like. Once they’ve worked their magic, it’s time for a tasting!

Ask the Internet. Pinterest is already your friend when it comes to planning your wedding, so why not look there for signature drink ideas? There are more drink recipes on Pinterest than we can count. One is sure to catch your eye! (And while you’re there, follow Southern Maryland Weddings!)

TELL US: Are you serving signature drinks? What are they?