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Running Your Small Business on the Go

jan15-smartphone-01Sure, you’ve got a workspace somewhere – maybe a home office or rented office space (or both). But we’re willing to bet that like most business owners, you run your small business on the go, too: Answering emails between client meetings, updating your social media on the fly, and working out details with your clients from anywhere.

Add a few apps to your smartphone or tablet, and you can make the time away from your office even more productive.

Accept Credit Cards

Don’t wait to take a payment. If someone is ready to book with you, take a payment now with one of the many credit card reader apps out there. Most work pretty much the same way: The app and reader is free, but you pay a small percentage for each transaction. The funds you take in are deposited to your bank account or other merchant account. The most popular readers out there now come from Square, PayPal, and Intuit. Your bank or credit card company might have a reader as well. Explore your options.

Manage Social Media

Keep your social media fans up to date on the go. The Facebook and Twitter apps let you post from your phone or tablet – great for pictures and video, by the way – and the Facebook Pages Manager app lets you post to your page and monitor your Insights and stats.

We’ve written about Hootsuite, the social media manager, in the past, and the Hootsuite app is another one you’ll want. Like the web-based dashboard, the app lets you schedule posts for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Monitor Trends

Put the Pinterest app on your phone or tablet, and you’ll never waste time again. Spare moments here and there on Pinterest can help you stay on top of trends in weddings and give you a head’s up so you know what brides are looking for. Plus, you can promote your own business by pinning and use the app when you meet with couples so you can browse their inspiration boards.

Stay Organized

For keeping track of everything you need for your business, you can’t go wrong with Evernote. Write notes, collect web articles, save photos, and more in this powerful app. You can even search your notes and files, take notes, draft meeting agendas, organize receipts, and save travel reservations. Plus, everything syncs across all your mobile and desktop devices, meaning you have access to everything from everywhere.

Get to the Cloud

Keep files and documents at your fingertips with one of the many cloud-based storage options out there. From Dropbox and Box to Google Drive and OneDrive, most offer free options with limited space and paid accounts that give you more space and functions. The bonus is you can store your important files in the cloud and access them from any device, anywhere.

Protect Your Pics

Photographers aren’t the only wedding professionals who share photos of their work on social media. Protect your photos with a watermark that identifies the picture as yours when you post it on social media. There are several free and paid apps out there to watermark photos and videos; choose one with good reviews like Watermark Photo Square and Watermark Video Square, PhotoMarkr, or PhotoMarks.

TELL US: What are the must-have apps you use for your small business?