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Props that Make a Wedding Pop

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Wedding arches, pedestal wedding decorations, and romantic wedding backdrops made up the traditional wedding props. However, in today’s desire to go over the top with themes, many brides are ditching the old-fashioned accessories decorations for more out of the ordinary accents. Everything from simple signs to large theatrical scenery can take a wedding from normal to the most memorable event your guests have ever attended.

Make Sure It Adds, Not Takes Away

While they can do wonders, wedding props should match the color scheme and theme of the wedding. Awkward is not an adjective a bride wants to hear on her wedding day. So to be sure that all aspects have a cohesive look, think about the picture when selecting all decorations for your big event. It’s vital to keep in mind this day signifies you committing your life to your fiancé and isn’t just a play your friends are coming to see on the weekend. Incorporate items that have significance and not ones that just look cool. Covering an entire wall in paint or hanging large candelabras should add to the ambiance of the romantic night instead of stand out like something that doesn’t belong.

Let the Music Move You
Music lovers can bring harmony to their ceremony and reception with props. During the exchange of vows, simply incorporating a lot of live music on various instruments will have guests singing praises. Then when it comes to the reception, bring on the fun with inflatable guitars for the groomsmen to tambourines for the bridesmaids. Wedding guests can also participate in the musical theme by providing plastic harmonicas, horns and recorders that can be purchased at a party supply store. Throw in blow up microphones for the youngsters in attendance and the whole place will rock. Allowing members of the family to use their “instruments” and lip-sync the couples favorite song during the reception is another great way to incorporate melodic celebration of this special day.

Photo credit: amorifiori.wordpress.com

Dramatic Divas
Those who live to act can really go all out when it comes to bringing props into their wedding. They must use caution and not go too far, but if done tastefully, theatrical lights and props can really move the guests at a wedding to tears of joy. Mood music while lights are dimming right before the bride enters is an extremely simple way to emphasize her importance. Bridesmaids holding a prop that goes a long with the theme instead of flowers can really change the entire look of a ceremony. At the reception, a thespian couple can indulge a little deeper into the arts. If an entryway of the reception all is made to look like you are walking into a castle moat, friends and family will automatically be intrigued and will continue to talk about this night forever. However, just be sure to have a lot of stagehands on call for weeks before the nuptials to pull of a feat of this stature.

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