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Bridesmaid Dress Trends

When all the excitement of the proposal and announcements of your engagement start to die down many brides-to-be begin to worry about wedding planning.  Some parts of wedding planning are fun and exciting, but others can potentially cause unwanted stress. One of the things, which can cause stress not only for the bride, but also for her bridesmaids, is the choosing of dresses.  In fact, choosing bridesmaids dresses can be so difficult it has really become best known for the fact that brides all too often choose dresses that are not very attractive.

To avoid this type of unfortunate situation a bride has many different options available to her, which can help ensure her wedding party is happy with her choice, and everyone looks beautiful (with the bride being the most beautiful, of course) on her special day.  As with most things in life ideas about how to choose bridesmaid dresses are always evolving and changing.  Years ago it would have been almost unthinkable to have anyone but the bride choose every aspect of the dresses.  Today, however, that trend has changed.  Today’s brides are actually quite lucky because of the fact that the trends are much more flexible and often result in a bridal party which looks great and is happy with the dresses.

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Tips for Choosing the Dresses

The first thing you should do when you’re ready to start planning for bridesmaid dresses is review these important tips.  They will help you avoid any major problems and help the overall process go much more smoothly:

  • Wedding Color Theme – Most weddings today have a theme, which involves one or more colors.  Spring weddings often use pastels, for example.  You should choose your “wedding colors” before even considering the color of the dresses for your wedding party.  This will not only ensure the dresses fit well with the overall theme, but it will also reduce the number of choices you need to make about the dress since many colors will be eliminated.
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    Include the Bridesmaids – Most bridesmaids are excited about the wedding and honored to be chosen, but fear the idea of wearing a dress that they find ugly or is unflattering.  With this in mind, include the bridesmaids in the choosing of the dresses.  You can limit the options by having a small list of colors to choose from or other requirements, but let them help make the decision.

  • Order them All at the Same Time – This is a mistake made by many people which can cause the wedding party to look quite odd standing up at the altar.  Once you’ve settled on a specific color for the dresses, make sure they are all ordered at the exact same time.  This is important because if you order them months or even just weeks apart the dresses could be made from material on different dye cuts.  They will technically be the same color, but can have dramatically different shades to them, which will stand out in the bright lights of the wedding.
  • Choose a Style; Not a Dress – The idea of allowing the bridesmaids to choose the specific dress they like most is very popular right now.  A bridewill often pick the color and a line of dresses they like, but allow each bridesmaid to pick the specific dress from within that line based on their own taste.  This allows each of your bridesmaid to pick a dress which will look good on them and will be flattering for their body type.  It will also make the entire process much more enjoyable for everyone.
  • Retain Veto Power – When shopping for dresses make sure everyone understands that while you want everyone to love their dress, you will have the final decision on whether it is acceptable or not.  This is important to avoid potential problems when one of your friends chooses a dress that is far too low cut, short or just too ugly for your wedding.  Try to be flexible, but always remember that it is your wedding and you have the final say.

These tips can be very helpful for many brides, but they are just generalities which do not always need to be followed.  Everyone involved should remember

that this is perhaps the most important day in the bride’s life and she should have everything she desires.  These tips can, however, eliminate a great deal of stress and drama from the difficult task of choosing bridesmaid dresses which is often very important to the bride.

Style Trends for Bridesmaid Dresses

When looking online or in the store for the perfect bridesmaid dresses you’ll likely notice that there are many different styles to choose from.  That is another

exciting thing about choosing dresses today, there are many different options which are extremely trendy!  There are a number of excellent designers out there making stunning dresses for your bridal party including Alfred Angelo, Jordan, Bari-Jay, Pretty Maids and others.  This makes choosing a dress much easier in the sense that there will surely be something, which is perfect for you and your bridesmaids, but also difficult since it will be hard to choose just one style!

Just take your time and find the right dress, which both you and your party will love.  Remember, choosing dresses should be a fun and exciting experience which everyone enjoys so grab a bottle of champagne and make it a fun day out with your best friends while shopping for that perfect dress!

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