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Planning Ahead for Your Wedding Saves Time & Money!

Fall Wedding CenterpieceI love when I meet local brides and hear that so many are planning their weddings a year or more from the wedding date. More and more the reason is the same. “Because there are so many things I want to get out of the way so I am not so stressed out for so long!”

If you’re one of many brides who intends on planning a wedding around a holiday because you like that particular season and you want to incorporate the holiday decorations, plan early! If you’re planning for a wedding that will incorporate a Halloween theme NEXT year, shop for decorations and favors immediately AFTER this Halloween. This is the time that you will see lots of items go on sale as the holiday has officially passed. Chances are, the Halloween – fall – autumn theme will still incorporate a lot of the same color schemes and decorations. The same goes for winter weddings. Shop after Christmas and New Year’s when its possible you’ll find items that are up to 75% off.

Snowglobe favorsHere is a special tip – depending on what you will be ordering large quantities of for your wedding – certain seasonal items cannot be shipped certain times of the year – either because of their stock or because of the item’s materials. For instance – a hot wedding trend favor item last year was the Mr. & Mrs. SnowGlobe favors. You may have thought to order them right before your December wedding, but then you found out that they aren’t shipped during the winter months because they would freeze and break. Hmmm… makes sense but I wouldn’t have thought of that at the time. (We only know because our sister site at www.1-bridaleverything.com supplies them!)