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No Garter Toss?

051309-guysNo worries! I went to a wonderful wedding over the weekend, and they had a creative activity for the single men that didn’t involve tossing undergarments: a scavenger hunt. They called all the single guys out, had them take a seat and started giving directions. First, they had to find a relative of the groom’s. A chair was taken away, and the last guy to sit down with a relative was out. Next, they had to find a single lady. Again, a chair was taken away. They also had to find someone who went to the same college as the groom, a belt that wasn’t their own, and a high-heeled shoe. The last item was a bar of soap, which the groom had tossed into the center of the dance floor. It was hysterical, and I don’t think anyone missed the garter toss! Be creative with your scavenger hunt “items” — the sky’s the limit!

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