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New Trends in Mother’s Dresses

Visit Today's Bride and Formal Wear to see their line of Catarina dresses.

Visit Today’s Bride and Formal Wear to see their line of Caterina dresses.

When people think of wedding apparel, many things go through their mind from the tuxes and bridal gowns to bridesmaid’s dresses.  One thing, however, that can often go overlooked until the last minute are the dresses for the mother of the bride and groom.   In most ceremonies’ these ladies play an important role, and they will want to look their best.  Gone are the days where the mother would wear a frumpy dress that is ugly or unflattering.

With many mothers in these situations being in their early 40’s or even younger they are often still very attractive and they want to make sure they look great on their son or daughter’s special day.  Designers like Alfred Angelo and Catarina have responded to this desire and now make some incredibly beautiful dresses designed specifically for moms to wear on their child’s big day.

When to Buy

Most mothers have a tendency to always want to put their children first in all that they do, and while that is a commendable trait, it is important to set some time aside to choose your dress as well.  Beautiful dresses for mom’s need to be made, shipped and altered before the big day so make sure to leave plenty of time.  Most dressmakers recommend ordering this type of dress about 12 to 14 weeks before the wedding day to ensure there is plenty of time for everything.

Don’t be afraid to ask the bride if she wants to help choose your dress as well.  Many times shopping for something that is not directly for her will be a relief for the bride and allow her to relax a little and enjoy herself.  This could be a great bonding opportunity for the soon to be mother-in-law so you can start the relationship off on a positive note.  Just remember, finding a beautiful dress for this special occasion is an important task and whether you do it on your own or with the help of the bride it needs to be ordered on time to avoid problems.


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What to Buy

Many moms won’t want to have the attention or time spent on them when it is supposed to be about their son or daughter’s wedding.  With this in mind they often put off shopping for their dress or asking what they should wear.  This type of mistake can actually cause more stress on both the mother and the happy couple so make sure to take some time to choose the right dress as soon as possible.

Weddings often have color themes so make sure to work within that, and ask the bride whether or not she would like any input on the dress you choose.  This will not only help ensure she likes the dress you purchase, but it will help you get some ideas as well.  Even when there is no specific style or color that the mother’s are supposed to wear many brides will have some sort of input regarding the types of things they like and don’t like.

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