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New marriage “rules”

You’ve probably been getting marriage advice since you started announcing your engagement, right? I saw a piece on the Today Show the other day about some new “rules” for marriage by Good Housekeeping magazine. What they’ve done is taken five common myths or rules for marriage, debunked them and then created five new tips for a successful marriage. Case in point: “Don’t go to bed mad.” That’s a classic. The concern is that resentment will grow and the problem will fester if you don’t tackle it right away. The new recommendation is “Sleep on it,” the thinking being that you’ll come back to the argument/discussion with a clear head the next day. (Just don’t sweep the problem under the rug.)

So, here’s what I’m wondering: Is any of this stuff helpful to you as you move toward married life? How much stock do you put in advice like this?

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