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Merry Mismatched ‘Maids

We love the look of mismatched bridesmaids, and we know you do, too – it’s one of the hottest trends in weddings! And bridesmaids love it, too: Going mismatched can let each girl choose a shade or a style that works best for her, giving her ultimate confidence on your big day.

But how do you create a cohesive look when your girls’ dresses don’t match? Try these ideas on for size:

Shades: Dress your bridesmaids in several shades of the same color.

Hues: Whether you love bold, pastel, jewel, or dusty tones, dress your bridesmaids in colors of the same type. They don’t have to be the same color.

Neutral: Mix ecru, taupe, and champagne for an elegant mismatched bridal party.

Pick a Color: Give your bridesmaids a swatch of your color choice, and send them shopping! Let each girl pick out her own dress in your color.

Pattern: Lacy, floral, or graphic — choose a pattern and have each girl wear a different color.

Length or Style: Dress your bridesmaids in the same style of dress or in dresses of the same length. Then, use one of the color tips to create a cohesive look.

Just the Maid of Honor: Don’t want every bridesmaid in something different? Dress the bridesmaids the same, but put the maid/matron of honor in a different gown. Go darker or lighter or choose a different style gown to make her stand out.