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Make Over Your Bridal Show Booth

nov14-bridalboothIt’s almost that time of year again: Winter – you know, the season when the weddings slow down but the bridal show schedule heats up.

If you’ve been vending at bridal shows for several seasons, you probably have a booth design that you use every time at every show. It can take years to get your set up just right – trust us, we’ve been there, too.

But every so often it’s good to shake things up a bit to make sure your booth is benefitting your business. Now is the time to look at your set up and consider giving your bridal show booth a makeover.

Go Up

Most of your neighbors at your shows are going to limit their display to a standard table. Set yourself apart and get noticed by going vertical. Backdrops, grid walls, and display boards can add height to your display and get you noticed from across the room.

Go Bold

White and cream are traditional bridal colors, and it might be tempting to decorate your booth in these colors. What you’ll notice though, is that many others around you are doing the same. Don’t be afraid of color – use this year’s hot colors or work with colors from your logo and business materials.

Get Out Front

Most bridal shows give you a square- or rectangle-shaped space, and the temptation is to set your table at the front of it and stand behind it. What this does, though, is separates you from the couples walking by, creating distance and making it more difficult to engage with people as they pass. Move your table to the back or side of your booth and stand out front.

Get Out of Traffic

On a related note, arrange your booth so people can come inside to talk with you without stopping the flow of traffic down the aisle. Give them plenty of things to look at – displays, albums, work samples – and a way to talk to you away from passing traffic.

Give Something Good

Giveaways are a mainstay at bridal shows. Why do you think each person who comes gets a tote bag with the show’s logo on it? Make your giveaway worthy of couples’ time. Of course, each person who visits your booth should walk away with a business card and other promotional materials, but a fun or useful freebie is going to remind them again and again of your business. Think about putting your logo on:

  • Pens and pencils
  • Notepads, calendars, and planners
  • Candy
  • Bottled Water
  • Compacts
  • Lotion, lip balm, or sunscreen
  • A sample of your work, if applicable (CD, baked good, etc.)

Get Gussied Up

The last booth makeover is all about you. You know that you should dress nicely and neatly. But also pay attention to how you’re standing and what you’re doing. Some dos and don’ts:

  • Don’t sit unless you absolutely have to. Stand up.
  • Don’t stand with your arms crossed.
  • Don’t spend down time checking your phone. You could miss the chance to talk with someone who is walking by.
  • Don’t leave your booth unattended for more than you need to. Bring an assistant. Pack a lunch so you don’t have to leave to get good.

TELL US: What bridal booth tips do you have to share? Share them in the comments below!