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Love Your Customers? Show It!

feb15-thankyou‘Tis the season for lovers and love, and even though Valentine’s Day is past, we know you’re still thinking about love – you are in the wedding business, after all!

While we’re sure you showed your love to the people closest to you on Valentine’s Day, there’s another group of people we hope you’ll show love to this year: Your clients.

Happy customers are the life blood of any small business. Happy customers refer you to their friends and family. Happy customers keep coming back. And, in this high-tech age, happy customers say nice things about you on social media.

Taking good care of your customers isn’t just a nice thing to do; it’s good business.

In the wedding business, you have a couple of groups of clients to take care of: Current couples, and past couples. How can you take care of both? Try some of these ideas – which do you think will work for your business?

Say Thank You

The first idea is simple – no matter how you decide to share the love, always say thank you. It doesn’t have to be elaborate; a simple, hand-written note will do. Send them to couples who just hired you as well as to those whose weddings you just worked.

Send a Gift

If sending a card doesn’t feel like enough, send a little gift to your couples – especially those who’ve recently hired your services. The gift doesn’t have to be a big deal: Gift cards; helpful planning articles and tips; items they can use during their planners like calendars, pens, stress balls, etc.; and treats can be included with a thank you note. You can give of your own services – send a coupon for an after-wedding service or give a surprise upgrade.

Some wedding businesses like to send a welcome packet that includes planning tools and information as well as a trinket or treat. If you go this route, work with your budget to create something that is affordable, looks great, and is useful.

Give Your Time

This idea is free: Your time. When you meet with clients, give them your undivided attention. Don’t check your phone or computer while you’re meeting; focus on your clients. They’ll also appreciate it if you check in from time to time, whether to give updates on your aspect of the planning process or just to see how things are going. Imagine how valuable you’d be if you were able to help a couple maneuver through a wedding planning problem!

Share Your Knowledge

If you’ve got time and access to a meeting room or other space, lead an educational workshop that is just for current clients. Share knowledge about your area of expertise, or bring in other local wedding experts to run a workshop on a different topic.

Remember Milestones

Is a client celebrating a birthday? Is a past couple about to celebrate their first anniversary? Remember these dates with a card. You don’t have to spend a lot on the cards, but you should sign them by hand. The fact that you remembered will speak volumes to your customers – and the people they will talk to about you.

Be Social

Social media is a fact of a small business owner’s life, and if you are on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or another social media platform, pay attention to it. Respond to comments and questions that come to you this way – even the negative ones. Customers and potential customers expect to be able to contact you through social media; don’t disappoint them.

TELL US: How do you show love to your customers?