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Kid Considerations

070109-bubblesI just returned from the most kid-friendly wedding I’ve ever been to. It was a weekend-long wedding in Wisconsin, and as a mom of an 18-month-old boy, I appreciated the efforts my friends made to make kids welcome. First, they chose a hotel with an indoor pool — an instant hit. My son would have spent the whole weekend in the 7-inch-deep kiddie pool if we’d let him. Second, each event (welcome party on Friday, barbecue on Saturday, brunch on Sunday) was casual enough to allow kids to be kids. No one cared if they screamed, ran around, took over the dance floor, or cried. Third, they incorporated kids into their plans. Saturday afternoon, someone brought out sidewalk chalk and bubbles for little ones to play with. There were kids’ meal options for Sunday’s sit-down brunch.

If you’re planning on having kids at your wedding, take some of these ideas into consideration. Kids can add an element of fun and whimsy to your wedding, and parents sure appreciate the extra effort.

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