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Keep the Kids Happy

051914-kids-01Few things add unpredictability and fun to your wedding day like inviting kids. From funny outbursts during the quiet moments of the ceremony to flower girls who are too shy to walk down the aisle, kid antics will make you laugh and maybe even help calm your nerves.

But let’s face it: Weddings can be boring for kids. The grown-ups want to sit and chat, and the music may not be their style. How can you keep them entertained?

There are three levels of involvement you can take to making sure the kids at your wedding are entertained, particularly at the reception.

Do nothing: Going from cocktail hour to dinner to toasts and dancing might move fast enough for some young guests, keeping them busy eating or dancing the whole night. Play songs kids love — like “The Chicken Dance” or “The Hokey Pokey” — that will get them dancing and using up some of their energy.

Provide activities: Put together an activity pack and leave it each child’s place setting. Include wedding-related activities like coloring pages (find them free online), word searches, or games. Small toys, bubbles, or noisemakers are also sure-fire hits. Some couples even decorate special tables for the kids to sit at, complete with brightly colored decorations, special treats, and fun activities.

Hire a sitter: A wedding reception is not most kids’ idea of a good time, so if you can afford it and have the space, hire a babysitter or two and set up a kids’ room at your reception site. Bring in toys and plan activities, crafts, and games like scavenger hunts.