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Invitation Etiquette: Who’s Invited?

061013-invitationwhosinviteIf you’re planning a wedding on a budget or don’t plan to invite children, it’s easy to control your guest list by the way you address your inner invitation envelopes. Some quick tips:

  • No kids? Address the invitation to “John and Mary” – without the kids’ names. If you’re inviting children, address the invitation to “John and Mary and family” or “John, Mary, Joey, and Susie.”
  • Adult children living at home (ages 18 and up) should get their own invitation not be included on their parents’ invitation. Kids under 18 can be included on their parents’ invitation.
  • Allowing a “+1”? Address the inner envelope “John and guest” or “Mary and guest.” If you know a person’s longtime significant other, it’s polite to include that person’s name on the invitation: “Sam and Sondra.”
  • If you’re not allowing single guests to bring a “+1,” just address the envelope to only the person you’re inviting.
  • Outer invitation envelopes are generally addressed more traditionally. You can be more casual on the inner envelope: “Aunt Cici and Uncle Bob” or “Grandma and Grandpa.”
  • Not using invitations with inner envelopes? Address your outer envelopes to the persons invited: “John and Mary Smith” or “Sue and Bob Jones and family.”

Got more invitation questions? We always consult the experts at The Emily Post Institute.