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In Loving Memory: 5 Ways to Remember Loved Ones on Your Wedding Day

If you’re missing someone’s presence on your wedding day, you probably want to pay tribute to them at your ceremony or reception. A tribute is a lovely way to honor your relationship and mark the important place that person played in your life.

How you choose to honor them is up to you. We love these five ways of commemorating someone who has died, whether it’s a parent, grandparent, friend, or even a pet. No matter which option you choose, explain to your guests the significance of what you’re doing, either in your programs or by making an announcement at your ceremony or reception.

Share Photos

One of the most common ways couples honor those who have gone before is to display their photos at the ceremony or reception. It doesn’t have to be elaborate; one of the easiest ways to is set aside a table where you can display photographs and mementos belonging to those you are missing.

If you search Pinterest, there are many other photo display ideas, from upcycled window panes to photos clipped to clothesline. Some couples even build a photo wall that stands at their ceremony or reception.

Wear a Memento

Keep your loved one close to your heart by wearing a reminder of them. Sew a swatch of fabric from a favorite garment into your wedding dress or suit, or have a photo charm made that you can attach to your clothing, bouquet, or shoes. Photos can also be made into tie tacks, tie bars, and cuff links.

You could also wear a piece of jewelry that belonged to the person you’d like to remember, like earrings, a bracelet, or watch.

Save a Seat

One of the most powerful ways we’ve seen couples honor deceased loved ones is by saving them a seat at the ceremony. On the seat, they’ll place a photo of the person, a rose, a note explaining who the seat is for, or something that belonged to that person. It’s a powerful reminder to the couple and their guests that some important people are missing.

With Food and Drink

If your grandmother was known for a signature recipe, make a batch of it to share! Or, if the person you want to honor liked a certain drink, set up a toasting station in their honor.

At Your Ceremony

During your ceremony is a perfect time to honor someone you’re missing. Some couples light a candle in memory, while others hang wind chimes or observe a moment of silence. It doesn’t have to be elaborate; a few lines in your program explaining who the person(s) was and what they meant to you is a wonderful way to pay tribute to someone.

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