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I, Fluffy, take thee, Fido …

If you’re a pet owner like me, it can seem strange to plan your wedding without including an important member of your family. We had a cat when we got married, and we would have loved to include her in our day, except the drive from home to the wedding was about an hour. Where would she have gone during the reception? Instead, she hung out with my husband and his groomsmen at our townhouse the night before the wedding. (I like to think she was my eyes and ears ….)

Are you including your pet (or pets) in your wedding? You can have your dog carry the rings (fake ones, please!) or walk the bride down the aisle. Maybe your best friend could be the dog of honor or a groomsdog … maybe dress up their collar with some flowers?

Just make sure your pet is welcome at your ceremony site, that there’s someone to take care of it during the reception, and that you’ve got plenty of cold water available. A few treats wouldn’t hurt, either! Find more tips here!

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