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Historic St. Mary’s City, St. Mary’s City, MD


Start your life together where Maryland began! Historic St. Mary’s City, one of the nation’s most beautiful and romantic historic places, is an 800-acre National Historic Landmark on the site of Maryland’s first capital.

This living history museum offers distinctive settings sure to set your event apart. Whether your style is sophisticated, casual, chic, or elegant — whether your finances are unlimited or spare –Historic St. Mary’s special events manager will help you plan an event that is as unique as you are. With over 35 years of event experience and success – our Events Manager knows just what to do to ensure that your wedding reflects your desires, falls within your budget, and unfolds flawlessly…


Set the stage for your special day in a colonial reconstruction, in the great outdoors, or in HSMC’s restored 1840s plantation house: The Brome-Howard Inn. Each venue is situated on the pristine banks of the St. Mary’s River, offering views that are virtually unchanged by time.

  • Picture your party framed by the classic leaded glass windows of the reconstructed brick State House of 1676. Two floors are available for dining, cocktails, dancing, or dressing space. The State House can accommodate 90 guests for a sit-down dinner and 150 for a stand-up reception or ceremony. During the winter months, four large fireplaces warm body and soul. Throughout the holiday season, lavish decorations by the Mistress Brent Garden Club set an unparalleled ambiance. A wide sweep of lawn can accommodate parties of more than 1,500 people. The green will support tent placement including in-ground stakes, water, and electricity hook-ups.


  • St. Mary’s City is home port to the Maryland Dove, a tall ship that evokes a 17th-century coastal trading vessel. The 75-foot tall ship and river vistas framing the setting sun are a magnificent backdrop for events staged on the waterfront. A wide pier and adjacent beach offer a captivating venue for casual receptions. For an extra fee, the ship can be open for tours.
  • The Margaret Brent Gardens and Gazebo is a popular site for wedding ceremonies. The white-painted gazebo, named for the first woman to ask for the right to vote in British America, overlooks the river. Boxwood-bordered gardens across the path offer a romantic space for a small, intimate reception.


  • The Brick Chapel of 1667, reconstructed on its original foundation, marks the founding place of the Roman Catholic Church in British North America. Its cruciform walls, soaring 25 feet to a barrel vault ceiling, are punctuated by leaded glass windows. The unconsecrated Chapel reflects the simple elegance of its predecessors. Amenities and infrastructure on the site are limited.


  • The Pub Room and second floor lounge in Farthing’s Ordinary offer comfortable ambiance for staging, dressing , or gathering the wedding party before the ceremony begins.
  • The museum also owns and manages The Inn at Brome Howard, nearby on Rosecroft Road. The riverside 1840s plantation house offers a charming setting for special events. Plan a small celebration in the restored plantation house or formal garden. A party tent can be erected on the site for larger gatherings. The Inn can be leased for a weekend or by the hour.


Hosts often elect to hire members of the museum’s costumed staff to add colonial color to their event or to book a tour of the museum for out-of-town guests.

HSMC’s events manager can be reached at 240-895-4991 or events@hsmcdigshistory.org. Let us help you design a fabulous event that’s as distinctive and as exceptional as you!

Historic St. Mary’s City, P.O. Box 39, St. Mary’s City, MD 20686

For more information or visit www.HSMCdigshistory.org

Photos by Birds of a Feather Photography, Jax Photography, and Sandi Foraci Photography