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Have You Surveyed Your Couples Lately?

june15-surveyIt’s the middle of the year, and that means it’s time to take stock of 2015 so far. Are you busier than last year? Have you added new products and services? Tried a new show?

One way to take stock of where your business is right now is to survey your customers – past and present. Customers don’t always give you feedback, and sending a survey to them is one way to find out how you’re doing.

Here are some other reasons to survey your brides and grooms:

Advertising: How did they find out about you? Which show(s) did they meet you at? You’ll find out which advertising avenues are working for you and which bridal shows are worth your time and effort.

Satisfaction: Are they happy with your services? Is something missing? What do they like or dislike? Couples’ responses to these questions will tell you how happy they are with you and could uncover any areas that need work. Plus, if a customer is unhappy with you, you can try to resolve the problem before it becomes a major headache. If many survey respondents highlight the same issue or problem, then you know what areas of your business need your attention the most.

Trends: Few industries are subject to the whims of trends quite like the wedding industry. No matter what aspect of the wedding business you’re in, there are trends that come and go. Know what your customers are crazy about so you can stay ahead of the competition.

New Ideas: Your customers are an untapped resource for new ideas for your business. If you can contact couples who didn’t hire you, find out why they chose someone else – is there a service they wish you offered? Are your rates too high (or too low)? Find out what your customers are looking for from vendors like you, and you may come up with some new ideas to expand or revitalize your business.

Loyalty: Customers appreciate that you care enough to ask what they think. You’ll create loyal customers – and loyal customers are more likely to refer you to their friends.


Surveying your couples isn’t as easy as emailing them a list of questions or a link to an online survey. Follow these tips to create a survey your customers will actually complete.

Goal: What do you want to find out? Every question in your survey should help you reach your goal. Many online survey services offer a free account, but they limit the number of questions per survey for those accounts. Make every question count.

Simplicity: Keep those questions short and simple. Questions should be clear and concise, and they shouldn’t be leading. Only ask one question at a time.

Keep the survey short, too. Customers are more likely to complete your survey if it takes just a few minutes of their time.

Open-Ended Questions: You definitely want to give people a place to expand on their responses or to offer feedback not related to the questions you ask. Don’t put these types of questions at the beginning of your survey; seeing a big, blank text box might be too daunting and scare your respondents away.

Incentive: Want to get people really excited about completing your survey? Offer an incentive like a discount, coupon, or other freebie to everyone who completes your survey.

Time to Survey!

It’s time to write and send your survey. Where should you start? These survey services are well reviewed and offer a free account option.

Survey Monkey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/

Zoho: https://www.zoho.com/

Google Forms: http://www.google.com/forms/about/

Typeform: http://www.typeform.com/

Other resources: Your website hosting provider or your email newsletter provider (such as, Constant Contact) may have online survey services that you are either already paying for or can add on to your account.