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Five Color Schemes for Your Rustic Wedding

The colors you choose for your wedding are going to be part of every aspect of your day, from save-the-date cards and invitations to reception décor and the bridesmaids’ dresses. If you’re planning a rustic-themed wedding – one of the hottest wedding trends going – consider these five color combinations.

Shades of Pink

Lots of rustic weddings take place outdoors or in a garden, so drawing inspiration from the flowers and plants around you is a great way to choose colors. Shades of pink – from bold fuchsia to soft baby pink – pays homage to your natural surroundings while letting you play with bright and subtle colors. This combination also works if you’re setting your rustic wedding at the beach.

Tiffany Blue, Dusty Aqua, and White

Cool as a cucumber but as classic as a vintage car, we love the combination of bright Tiffany blue, muted dusty aqua, and crisp white. Tiffany blue adds a nice pop of color to your white wedding dress – think shoes, jewelry, a sash, and other accessories – and looks great as an accent color on your cake and decorations. Planning a rustic beach wedding? These colors also draw from the ocean and the sky at the beach.

Peacock Blue, Green, and White

For a bold, fun color choice, draw your inspiration from the colors on a peacock’s feather. Bright blue paired with green go nicely with the natural wood elements common at rustic weddings. Add a splash of white, and the colors will really pop. Plus, peacock feathers and their colors have a vintage feel.

Green and Brown

A green and brown color scheme draws from the natural settings in which most couples plan their rustic weddings. You’ll find these colors in the garden and fields that surround you and in the barn, hay, and wooden elements of your décor. It’s a subtle color scheme that will complement your surroundings.

Orange, Red, Yellow, and Brown

If an autumn rustic wedding is in your dreams, you can’t go wrong choosing the colors of the changing leaves. Go with all four – orange, red, yellow, and brown – or pair just one of the bright colors with brown to set the scene.