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Etiquette 101: Seating Arrangements

080414-seating-01Phew! The guest list is done, and the invitations have been sent out. Now, the waiting begins for those RSVPs.

Once they come in, you’ve got another task ahead of you that can be tricky: Figuring out where everyone is going to sit – and who they’re going to sit with. At an informal wedding, a seating arrangement is not always necessary, but guests will always find them helpful whether you’ve invited 25 or 250.

Some tips:

  • Seat parents and close friends and relatives together and close to the head table.
  • If your parents are divorced, don’t seat them together; let each be the head of their own table.
  • Consider guests’ connections and interests when creating your seating chart. You want guests to talk to each other and have a good time, so group them to maximize conversation.
  • Set up a table or other arrangement with place cards (alphabetized) near the entrance to your reception and clearly label your tables.

TELL US: How are you organizing your seating arrangements?