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Etiquette 101: Bridal Showers

090114-bridalshower-01A bridal shower is a fun way for the bride to celebrate her coming marriage with the women in her life. The Emily Post Institute says showers should not be hosted by the bride or groom or their immediate family — it will look self-serving. Most showers are thrown by the bridesmaids or close friends of the brides.

Who should be invited?

If the shower is not a surprise, brides often have a say in the guest list. Every woman invited to the shower should also be invited to the wedding. The exception to this is office showers — if you’re not inviting coworkers (or are just inviting those you work closely with), you’re not obligated to invite everyone who came to your office shower to your wedding.

Can an encore bride have a shower?

Definitely, but like a first wedding shower, it should not be hosted by the bride or her immediate family. Theme showers are a great idea for encore bride — think of the hobbies she and the groom enjoy, and build your shower around that.

Do I have to send thank you notes?

You should send a thank you note anytime someone gives you a wedding gift or a shower gift. To keep from getting behind, send out notes as soon as you receive a gift. Write a personal note, making sure to reference the gift or act of kindness the person provided.