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Easiest wedding registry ever?

There’s no doubt the Internet has made registering for gifts easier – both for you and for those who’d like to buy you gifts. Anyone from anywhere can buy for you, even if they don’t live near one of the stores you’ve chosen.

But there’s still a problem: Those sharing your wedding registry for you have to remember a list of stores and website links. The solution?



Zola lets you put everything you’ve registered for in one place. Your registry can include anything you want, including:

  • Products
  • Services
  • Honeymoon money
  • Cash
  • Anything from any store

Registering for a high-ticket item? Zola allows group gifting – givers can go in together on an expensive gift. You can even schedule delivery of your gifts so that nothing sits on your stoop while you’re honeymooning or moving.

And unlike other registries, Zola lets you upload pictures and share your love story so you can personalize your wedding registry. Learn more at Zola’s website: www.zola.com.