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Dreaming of a Modest Wedding Gown?

080315-modestgown-01For a bride who wants to wear a modest gown, finding the perfect “wow” dress can be challenging. Some brides need a modest gown for religious reasons, while others just prefer to be more demure and covered on their big day.

Every bride’s dream wedding gown is different, but every bride wants jaws to drop when she walks down the aisle. Here’s how to find the modest wedding gown of your dreams.

Step 1: Know want you want.

Long sleeves? Short sleeves? A high neckline? Know what you’re looking for in a modest gown before you shop. If there are religious rules for your gown, know what is OK before you shop. Is a lace overlay considered modest? What about a strapless gown with a cover up on top?

Step 2: Find a seamstress.

While bridal shops may carry a few wedding gowns with sleeves or higher necklines, the reality is that you’re probably going to have to alter a gown. Before you shop, find a seamstress who has experience altering wedding gowns – even better if she’s made a dress modest before.

The seamstress will tell you not all wedding gowns can be altered to make them modest, so if you can, take the seamstress shopping with you. She can examine the gowns you try on and love and tell you what the possibilities for each dress are.

Some of the things your seamstress may be able to do are:

  • Add sleeves or wide straps
  • Fill in a low neckline
  • Add a lace or other sheer overlay at the top to cover a low neckline

080315-modestgown-02Step 3: Go shopping!

We give this same advice to every bride: Go shopping and try on lots of dresses. Try on dresses in styles you don’t think you’ll like. Try on dresses that are not modest. It’s impossible to know your personal bridal style by looking at pictures online and in magazines. The only way to find your style is to try on lots and lots of dresses. Grab your mom and your bridesmaids (and your seamstress!) and make a girls’ day of it. Trust us — you’ll have a blast.

Step 4: Consider no-sew options.

What if you find the perfect gown, but you can’t add sleeves do it? A stylish cover up like a bolero jacket, shawl, or shrug could get you the modest look you want.

Step 5: Remember your bridesmaids!

If your bridesmaids would like to wear a more modest dress, use all of these tips as you choose bridesmaid dresses.