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Do You Need a Wedding Website?

The Internet is present in every aspect of our lives, and wedding planning is no exception. For many years, couples have built wedding websites to keep guests informed and tell their story. Are wedding websites required? Of course not! Are they helpful to some guests? Definitely. Read on to determine whether a wedding website is right for you.

Do a wedding website if …

  • You don’t mind spending the time and effort it will take to create the website
  • You have the time to keep it updated throughout the planning process
  • You think your guests will actually use it
  • You’re planning a wedding that is a little out of the ordinary
  • You’re looking for another way to get information to your guests
  • You’ve gone a non-traditional route and not sent paper invitations
  • You want to give your guests a way to network before you wedding

Don’t do a wedding website if …

  • The thought of creating and maintaining the website sounds tedious
  • You don’t have time to keep it up to date
  • Most of your guests are not likely to use the website
  • It just doesn’t fit your style

If you decide to create a wedding website, there’s one key rule: Make it useful. Guests will be coming to your website for information. Make it easy to find to avoid confusion and phone calls. Your wedding website should include:

  • Logistics: Time and location, including directions and any key information about the venue. Will the ground be wet? Is there a long walk to the ceremony site? Let guests know this type of information in advance.
  • Registry: Etiquette experts say that your wedding website is the one place you can give gift information to your guests. They’re going to come looking for it, so make it easy to find.
  • Updates: If the weather is going to be a problem or construction is going to change the route to your location, be sure to update this information on your website.
  • RSVP: If you have the functionality, allow guests to RSVP on your website. You’ll be surprised how many people will do this right away rather than delaying that trip to the Post Office.
  • Your Story: Tell your website visitors a little about yourselves and your story. Remember that some guests only know one of you, so this is a way to introduce yourselves to people you may not have met yet. Avoid going over the top, though. While this website is all about you, its central purpose is to give your guests information.