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Do I need signs at my wedding?

Vintage-inspired wedding sign from Rustic Country Wedding Shop.

Wedding signs are a fun and popular trend. Couples get creative with wording and how they make them, and a clever sign can really add to your wedding’s look. But, do you need signs at your wedding?

Well, yes and no. You don’t really need signs if everything is self-explanatory: The parking lot is obvious, and it’s easy to get to the ceremony or reception location from the parking lot. Or, if your ceremony and reception are all in the same building – or the same room – there’s no need for signs.

But if you think guests might get lost or confused, a few well-placed directional signs couldn’t hurt. Some ideas:

  • Clearly mark parking areas (or areas where there should be no parking)
  • “This way to the wedding” – especially if it’s a long walk or not a straight shot to the ceremony location
  • “This way to the reception” – unless it’s obvious where the tent or reception hall is
  • Use signs if there’s more than one wedding going on at your location so guests know which celebration is yours!
  • Inside your reception, clearly mark bathrooms and the bar if they’re hard to find
  • And, if your wedding is off the beaten path, it doesn’t hurt to place a few directional signs along the road to let guests know they’re headed in the right direction.

Inside your reception, these areas might also need signs with instructions or additional information:

  • Guest book, especially if you’re doing something other than a traditional guest book
  • Escort cards – ditto: explain what’s going on if you’re doing something creative
  • Candy or dessert buffet, especially if you want guests to take treats home!
  • Schedule, if you’re planning a send-off at a certain time with sparklers or bubbles, it’s nice to let your guests know so no one misses it

What other signs do you think a wedding needs? What signs are you using at your wedding?