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Creative Engagement Photo Shoot Ideas

One of our favorite current trends is the creative engagement photo shoot. No longer happy with posing under a tree or by a garden, couples are throwing their personalities into their shoots and staging something that’s almost a performance.

If you want to take your engagement shoot outside the box, here are some ideas to get you started.

Pick a period of time. Love the 80s? Adore the romance of the 20s? Choose your favorite era and set a scene. Don’t forget the period outfits (legwarmers, anyone?). For inspiration, check out this vintage-inspired engagement that we posted to our blog recently.

Follow your interests. One of the most fun engagements we’ve posted to our blog lately was that of a couple who were chased by zombies during their photo shoot. The couple loves B-List horror films, so a zombie theme was the perfect way to show their personality. No matter what your hobbies or interests are as a couple, think about ways you can work those interests into your engagement shoot.

Think outside the box. Broaden your horizons when you think about locations for your engagement photo shoot. A cute antique store, abandoned warehouse, or gritty city street could be the perfect backdrop for your photographs. (Make sure you have permission to be there and to photograph there.) We love how this Southern Maryland couple drove their motorcycle to their favorite watering hole and used the bar and the surrounding farm fields in their photo shoot.

Bring along props. Whether you set up a picnic, use your favorite vehicle, or stop for lunch at a food truck, don’t underestimate the power of props. Props can take an ordinary photograph and make it something extraordinary. Consider this: You and your intended could sit together on the grass and get gorgeous pictures. Or, you could set up a picnic with a brightly colored blanket, wine, and a classic picnic basket – suddenly you’ve got something special!

Do something. Fly a kite, browse for antiques, or take a ride on the swings. If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of mugging for the camera for the whole photo shoot, make plans to do something. You’ll be distracted from the camera, interacting more naturally with your spouse-to-be, and more comfortable. Plus, your photographer will get fun, candid shots of you that really show off your love for each other.

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