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Ceremony 101: Roles for Kids

092115-ceremony-kids-1Is there anything cuter that a little kid dressed up in their finest clothes? Kids add joy and spontaneity to your wedding day, and it’s fun to include them in your ceremony.

How can you include your favorite kids? Here are several roles kids can play.

Ring Bearer and Flower Girl: These important jobs are the most common roles for kids in a wedding ceremony. Generally, ring bearers and flower girls are between the ages of 4 and 8, but a responsible 3 year old might be able to handle the job, too. Want to include several little kids? It’s OK to have more than one ring bearer or more than one flower girl.

Junior Bridesmaid and Groomsman: Older kids – 9-15 – will feel special if you include them in the bridal party as a junior bridesmaid or groomsman. Junior bridesmaids often wear a dress very similar to the bridesmaids’ gowns, though it may be altered to be made more modest.

Ushers and Programs: Responsible kids age 7-10 and older can help hand out programs, seat guests, and answer guests’ questions.

More wedding jobs for kids:

  • Carry candles or a prayer book down the aisle
  • Readings
  • Musical solos
  • Altar boy or girl
  • Turn pages for the musician
  • Monitor the guest book
  • Attend the gift table
  • Help guests find their tables at the reception
  • Help serve cake
  • Hand out wedding favors

TELL US: What roles will children play at your wedding?