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Meet the Parents

If you haven’t met your fiance’s parents yet — or he hasn’t met yours — it would be a good idea to do so before the wedding. You are joining families, after all, and weddings are a really bad time ...

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Saying thanks

Thanksgiving is next week, and now is a good time to remember to thank anyone who has given you a gift, thrown you a party or helped out with your wedding. Etiquette says you have up to a year after ...

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Encore brides

Just because you’ve been through wedding planning once doesn’t mean you’re an expert. Planning your second wedding can bring up just as many questions as planning your first. Can I register? Can I have a shower? Should I wear white? ...

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Shower Week Day 1: Etiquette

There’s etiquette for everything involving weddings, isn’t there? Showers are no different. Here are some quick do’s and don’t’s: Don’t throw your own shower — it looks like a gift grab. Showers are traditionally hosted by the maid/matron of honor. ...

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Can we register?

You and your fiance live together, and you already have just about everything you need to run a household. The last thing you need, in fact, is another blender. With that in mind, should you register? The answer is “yes.” ...

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Tip etiquette

Who among your wedding service providers are you tipping? How much are you giving? I don’t remember everyone my husband and I tipped, but I know we rewarded our DJ and the waitstaff for good service. Most of the time, ...

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